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Information for Learning Track Artists

So the obvious problem with a database like this is keeping it updated. As a learning track artist myself, I know how important it is to make sure that my customers have the most up to date and accurate information about what tracks I have available. I was acutely aware of this when I built this page, and I planned with that in mind. This whole system is built on a backend that allows for user accounts with the ability to edit/add listings. Eventually my plan is to create accounts for artists who want one so they can actively manage all their own stuff and add listings whenever they need to.

However, getting that to function correctly (and not just give everyone access to everyone else's stuff) is going to require purchasing some software extensions. So far my entire investment in this site has been my time and the minimal amount for the domain name. Seeing as it's a 100% free resource, I haven't wanted to plop down a couple hundred bucks for something that makes me $0. If there's enough interest, I may open it up to donations to cover that cost or something. In the mean time, though, I'm making the process below available for you to get your tracks into the database in a timely manner. I will most likely be checking everyone's sites every 6 months to a year or so, and will probably catch any updates when I do that. But if you want your listing updated more often than that, please follow this process:

If you're an artist that isn't currently included in this database and you'd like to be added, you can follow this same process and send me an image/logo to associate with your listings (see below).


Getting new tracks added to the database

Below you'll find the download link to an excel spreadsheet. By filling out the spreadsheet in this format, it makes it very easy for me to upload new data very quickly.  Just drop me an e-mail with the form filled out and attached and I'll get the info uploaded in a couple of days.  Most of it is pretty self explanatory, but I'll go through the columns just in case:

Song Title: Obvious

Arranger: Also obvious

Arranger Navigation: You'll notice in the database on the left there's an option to Filter by arranger. However, that menu doesn't have all the arrangers, only the most popular ones. I did it that way because there's hundreds of arrangers, but making that menu long enough for all of them would have been silly. If the arranger of the song is one of those listed in the "validation data" on the second page of the spreadsheet (example, David Wright), you can just put their name in this field. If they're not on that list (example, Marshall Webb), please put "Other" for this field.

Genre: Similar to the "Arranger Navigation" field, I had to narrow it down to a few options. Please pick one of those, or just mark it "other." If there's another genre that you think should be included, let me know and I'll see if it makes sense. That said, I know that most songs will be able to fit into multiple categories, just pick the best one, that you think most people would associate it with. You'll be able to add additional details later.

Contestable: Pretty simple. Either Yes or No. If you don't know, it's probably "No."

Artist: That's you.

Voicing: Mens Track, Womens Track, or Mixed Track.

Description: This will show up in the "Additional Information" field on the listings. You can put any info you want here. Commonly included are specific voicings for non-standard arrangements, catalog stock #'s, "as performed by" etc. If you'd like to have a youtube video of you multitracking the song embedded, just put a link to the video and I'll make it happen. Like THIS ONE.

Audio Sample URL: This it totally optional, obviously. If you would like to have a sample in the listing like THIS , you can do so. However, I'm not hosting anybody's mp3's here on this site. It needs to be hosted on your webspace. Just provide the URL to the actual file here (not a link to a page with a media player) and it will show up in a player in the listing. Feel free to contact me with any questions about this, I know it sounds weird. The files have to be mp3's, it won't currently support .ogg or .wav files.

Upload Form

(Click to download or right click and "save link as")


Changing or Editing listings already in the Database

First, send me an e-mail letting me know what kinds of things you want to change/edit. If it's just one or two pieces of data for one or two songs (the arranger for a song is spelled wrong, or I marked that it's not contestable when it is, etc) then you can just include it in the e-mail and I can make the change. If it's anything more substantial than that, here's what will most likely happen:

1. I'll go in the system and extract your data.  I'll put together a spreadsheet for you to fill in the changes on, and I'll explain what to fill in where.  This will probably be very similar to the upload form, but it will include the unique "sku" for each listing.  That will allow me to re-bind your corrections with the right listings when you send it back.

2. You'll fill in the spreadsheet with the appropriate changes, and send it back to me.

3. I'll get it uploaded into the system.

NOTE:  Many of you currently have "Not Specified" in the Contestability and Genre fields next to all your tracks.  I'll be doing my best to cross reference data to fill those out, but it would be extremely helpful if you went through this for your own tracks to get those fixed.  Let me know if you're interested in correcting your listings that way and I'll send you a form to fill in.


If you have a new image/logo that you'd like to be associated with your listings, I can update that very easily.  I'll just need you to send it to me as a 260 by 260 pixel .PNG file.